BTCH Protocol allows users to select to pre-bond their Genesis allocation of BTCH for Bond, which will be vested for only 7 days.

Users can select how much of their deposited USDC is distributed from genesis to pre-bond, but not back. The total pre-bond part of a user can not exceed 50% of the total USDC deposited by the user. Users can always distribute more USDC to pre-bond, until 50% is reached.

The discount for the pre-bond will be decided by pre-bond USDC committed/Genesis USDC committed, given the maximum discount is 20% off.

Pre-bonding is one possibility, and users can only increase their pre-bond percentage. Also, it should be noted that the pre-bond commitment doesn't contain a Genesis Reward. BTCH generated by pre-bond is vested and auto-staked at each epoch during the next 7 days post-launch.

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