Genesis Period

To bootstrap the initial liquidity and rewards, the Hodl Dao will have a Genesis period, to hold an initial offering event based on the fair launch model.

During the genesis period, users can deposit USDC, Dai, WBTC and/or other whitelisted crypto assets to mint BTCH.

BTCH does not have presale or VC investment. All tokens are launched fairly to the participants.

The BTCH Protocol Genesis will decentralize BTCH through the fair launch of the protocol.

The Genesis process was designed to ensure fair access and opportunity. When USDC is committed, the BTCH Protocol ensures that all participants receive Genesis BTCH together with the future Genesis Reward. (Note: the quantity of the Genesis Reward is directly linked to future protocol adoption). Participants can also optionally pre-bond a percentage of the commitment for a much shorter vesting period but give up Genesis Reward.

The project may collaborate with other protocols to have a pre-genesis stage, users from other protocols can deposit funds prior to the Genesis begins. In such case, all funds got from pre-genesis can only be used to buy pre-bond, so a whitelist is needed for the collaborated protocols, so they are not be bound by the rule that at most 50% of funds can participate in pre-bond (in this case, 100% of the funds are participating in pre-bond).

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